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It Helps to Know What Makes a Cat... a Cat?

There are as many definitions of what a cat is as there are cat owners. Usually the descriptions go something like, "cats are graceful and agile", or, "kittens are too cute". Others will try to define cats by their personality such as, "cats are independent and loners", or "cats are stubborn and strong willed". All those descriptions are accurate, but they don't give a clue as to why the cat came to possess such unique traits which make her stand out so differently from all other domestic pets.

It's generally agreed by scientists that today's house cat is descended from a small African wildcat, Felis Silvestris Libyca. This ancient relative developed the ability to define and protect territory that could produce a reliable food source for her survival. She also developed nocturnal habits to take advantage of prey with night time activities, which became her primary food source. At the same time the covering darkness protected her from becoming prey herself. The cat's most defining characteristics can be summed as follows:

  • A cat's appearance has a broken, erratic tabby pattern and the coloring of her fur coat which offers a well conceived camouflage for hiding in tall grass or forest settings. A black cat may possess the best camouflage on a dark, moonless night. Noticeably, big cats of the wild seem to have adapted fur coat patterns that evolved to match their local environment. Tiger stripes, white snow leopards, sandy lions, etc.
  • A keen sense of hearing allows a cat to track predators or follow a prospective meal as it moves through the darkness.
  • In addition to excellent night vision that makes the most of limited light, there's the additional advantage of eyes that also detect the slightest motion.
  • Cats maintain a territory with scent markings so she can easily find her way around in the dark; or escape predators if she needs to. Her territory is normally just big enough to support her and her kittens. The solitary characteristic of cats is probably due to the fact that her territory has a limited food supply, and the scents of other cats can be confusing... and we all know cats don't like being confused!!
  • Cats develop strong maternal bonds since the mother cat, or queen, being a solitary creature, can't depend on others to help raise her young. Unlike pack or herd animals, who will share in the raising of the young to adulthood, the queen and her brood have to learn quickly and completely in order to survive. So, the normal development of a cat is into a nocturnal, strongly territorial, solitary creature with strong maternal instincts.

It is given that there are 5 characteristics that identify a cat:

  • Cats are nocturnal
  • Cats are territorial
  • Cats are solitary
  • Cats are predatory
  • Cats are maternal

Understanding these characteristics will answer most of the questions about why cats act as they do. Remember, cats are the newest animal to become domesticated by people and, consequently still have a strong tie to their 'wild' beginnings. It may be disappointing to learn that much of the cat's mystique is rooted in their wild, ancestral history (versus, say, being descended from aliens), but, it can also alleviate much of the frustration that people feel when trying to understand why cats will act so seemingly contrary to modern human expectations.

To read more about the African wildcat's early activities and how they relate to the domestic cat's personality and habits, visit our Cat Behavior page which has a full discussion on the subject.

Cat Ownership is a Serious Responsibility.

Before you even get to the point of considering of bringing a cat into your home or buying a cat lover gift for anyone, some basic questions need to be asked prior to becoming a cat owner. Being a cat owner implies the responsibility for being a dedicated and capable care provider. Simply put, if you want the consummate and unconditional companionship that a cat can give to people, you have to give her something in return. Namely a carefully appointed home she can 'rule'. Besides her environment, good health care is immensely important; physical as well as mental. Don't be put off by the term 'carefully appointed home'. It just means you will have to provide some things, including cat furniture, for her benefit. Think of it as 'cat proofing' your home. First, though, go through this check-list to see if you qualify for cat ownership:

  • If you rent, you'll need approval from your landlord to have a pet.
  • Everyone in the family will need to be 'ok' with getting a cat. After all, you don't want someone kicking the cat because they don't like or want her around. They may not have the knowledge or understanding of proper cat care and act out their frustration by abusing the cat.
  • You'll need to check everyone in the family to see if anyone is allergic to cats. A skin prick test with the doctor is the best way to find out.
  • Any young children will have to learn how to handle cats or kittens properly. No ear or tail pulling. The child will end up with the scratches and the cat will suffer all the blame. More than likely, the cat might be subjected to unintentional harm.
  • You will need the required time to do necessary research and learn what proper care providing means. There's a lot more to it than buying a litter box, litter and a couple of bell toys. Cats are complex creatures with specific needs including nutritious foods and treats, physical exercise, and problematic health care unique only to cats.
  • Cat ownership costs money. You'll need to provide nutritious quality cat food, regular and emergency veterinary care, grooming supplies and, of course, cat lover gifts. To give you an idea of how much yearly expenses can be, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has developed a cost analysis chart. Check it out here.
  • Cats need exercise. Just opening the door and letting them out to run won't do. Especially if you're in an urban living situation. Dodging cars on a busy street is not a good exercise idea. In the country, you don't want her to become a tasty meal for a fox or coyote.
  • Cleaning up after your cat is a test of patience. Bad behavior requires training. You will also have to become somewhat of a cat psychologist to understand her traits, motivations and moods. Neglecting any of these can lead to... cleaning up after your cat.
  • Finally, you should be prepared to make a long term commitment of at least 8-10 years. In some cases a properly cared for cat can live up to 18 years or even longer.

Here we arrive at the concept of what a true cat lover gift is:

"The true Cat Lover Gift is your willingness, as a cat owner, to acquire the knowledge of the basic nature of a cat, and to use this knowledge to properly care for a cat. This knowledge will define what kinds of cat lover gifts you will bring home for her".

Your cat lover gifts to her is a deep and meaningful concern for her well-being, and, to commit to that concern for her entire life. If you find that, after trying to provide for a cat, that you cannot continue to care for her... there are ways to relieve yourself of the responsibility. Even then you will have to go extra lengths to find her a new home with someone who will care for her as much as you would want to.

You Deserve Cat Lover Gifts, too...

And, so do your cat loving friends. Anyone who has owned a cat can tell stories of how kitty had brought home a cat lover gift treasure from her prowls. Sometimes it's a field mouse, maybe a large beetle. Sometimes it can be a woodchuck or squirrel. I can remember hearing my cat 'Pimple" (she was named Pimple because she had a black spot on her nose and a white spot on the tip of her tail) yowling so loudly at the back door I thought something was very wrong. When I raced to her, I found her proudly standing over the first lizard she had ever caught and had brought it home to present to me. She was so excited to show me her catch. She really meant well, but, I told her she should leave the shopping to me.

Do you think she'd listen to me?? No way.

Looking for the Perfect Gift"I know Nordstroms is around here someplace!"

Cat lover gifts for people can range from cat t-shirts to fine jewelry, framed cat posters to kitty costumes. There are even dating services for pet owners. There's literally a whole world of cat lover gifts to choose from. Cat art can bring a touch of sophistication to your home or office and can be either whimsical or of fine art quality. Books make wonderful gifts whether the subjects are related to the proper care of cats, cat pictures, children's stories about cats or gaining encyclopedic knowledge of cats in the wild. Books always make fine cat lover gifts for thoughtful people.

What About Giving Kittens as Cat Lover Gifts??

Giving a cat or kitten as a gift is a good idea unless you are confident about what you're doing. Remember, a kitty as a gift means you're also giving someone a huge responsibility. Only in special cases should you consider giving a live pet as a gift.

When Pimple died suddenly, a friend of mine offered a new kitten to me. She knew that I was distraught over the passing of Pimple, and she knew how much I cared for cats. But she did the right thing and took me to see the kitty saying it was available if I wanted her. She didn't just plunk the new kitty into my lap. As it turned out, I couldn't resist. The kitty came home with me without any hesitation. I named her Miami.

If you want to teach your children how to appreciate and relate to life in all its manifestations, bringing a pet kitty home can be an unparalleled experience. Children will need guidance regarding the treatment of and respect for a cat's habits and behavior characteristics. Parent's will need to be involved with the total experience of pet ownership from adoption of the cat, caring for the cat, and when the time comes, to handling the loss and bereavement of the cat. There should be open discussion, and necessary planning to help make pet ownership a positive experience for all involved including the kitty. A child who learns to care for an animal, treating it kindly and patiently, gets invaluable training in learning to treat people the same way. Needless to say, careless or abusive treatment of any animal is unhealthy for both the child and the pet.

Consider this option if you would like to give a pet as a gift:

Create a cat lover gifts certificate stating that you will cover the cost of a future adoption. Adopting from a rescue group or the local animal shelter is preferable to purchasing from a breeder since only those who are experienced at specific breed adoption and care would appreciate the gesture. Who knows, maybe these rescue groups have a gift certificate you can purchase. Include some information to help them make a wise decision (maybe send them to this site). This allows the recipients to not only choose their own pet, but to decide when they are ready to accept responsibility for a pet.

Meet Alexander... our Muse

Alexander is a sophisticated Abyssinian cat right out of my imagination. He comes from an old line of cats that resemble the original wild cat ancestors of all domestic cats.

"Abyssinians resemble the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian cats which portray an elegant feline with a muscular body, beautiful arched neck, large ears and almond shaped eyes", according to the Cat Fanciers' Association.

Alexander has a close connection to his ancient past. He also has an acute appreciation for the comforts of human companionship. His lion brother (a rather loose relation) resides on the Serengeti Plains of Africa whom Alexander is always planning to visit. He continually contrasts the cat lover gifts provided for him, and life with his brother who lives a more, let us say, wild and natural life apart from humans. The more any cat lover gift satisfies the urges of his nuanced lives (that of his ancient heritage as well as his modern day human co-dependence) the better off and happier he seems to be. This is the challenge for anyone who shares their home with a cat. The answer to that challenge is in providing cat lover gifts that are of meaningful quality, i.e. gifts that support a healthy lifestyle for her and promote a peaceful existence for you both.

Robert J Gallegos
Cat Lover Gifts World

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Mysterious Relatonship

The relationship between humans and cats has taken many twists and turns throughout history, resulting with cats at times being worshiped, and other times being reviled and blamed for the scourges that befall people. There's no doubt that cats and humans have a long and closely meshed relationship with each other. Even today, feral cats, cats who have found themselves without a home and lack socialization with people, don't run off into the wilds to escape human contact. They stay nearby in alleys, neighborhood bushes and barns. Our connection with cats is cemented in over five thousand years of mutual support and bonding, i.e. they catch the mice and we supply the "pets".



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