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The mission of catlover-giftsworld.com is to provide useful, relevant information to cat care providers and aid them in understanding what is in the best interest of the general welfare of cats.

Throughout this site you'll find emphasis for pet owners to take responsibility for the care of their pets. This includes practical education so they can give the knowledgeable care, materials and resources that give rise to healthy pets, especially cats. I am not a veterinarian and any serious health questions should be directed to your pet's doctor.

Practical care relates not only to the physical well being of pets, but to their emotional health, too. Can there be anything more disturbing than a stressed-out cat? Sharing your home with a pet, or a cat in particular, is serious business to me. And, if you're here, I know that you're serious, too.

My entire adult life has involved cats. They seem to always come and go; some for short visits while others stay a little longer. My last cat friend was given to me by an acquaintance who produced a soft-hued calico kitten so small she fit in the palm of my hand. Born in an obscure basement, part of an unknown litter, she entered my life... very tiny and very afraid. As she grew, so did the bondage of trust and love between us. She became my best friend. Her name was "Miami". Miami was always ready to give solace when I needed it, play at the drop of a ball, or willing to move when I did. Though, moving was not her favorite thing to do. She was always proudly demonstrating her cat hunting prowess, presenting some unlucky mouse or green lizard. Those were always occasions that gave me reason praise her. And, happily, I would stroke her as she lay on my lap, even though I am very allergic to cats!

One day I noticed what looked like a small scratch on her nose. I attributed it to a spat with another cat in the neighborhood (She would come and go as she pleased. I was comfortable with this since we lived in a safe, rural community). I didn't pay much attention to the injury. It didn't weep or look infected. But, when it didn't heal and got larger, I finally took her to the veterinarian. His diagnosis was that she had a squamous cancer in an advanced stage. I was given two choices for Miami. Either euthanasia, or surgically remove part of her nose in the hope of keeping the cancer from spreading. At this point we had been together for 16 years. It was a terrible choice. I couldn't part with her after so many years, so the operation was decided on. Miami's quality of life was significantly diminished by the operation. Further, it was not successful in keeping the cancer from spreading. I had to let her go because she was in much pain and had lost all ability to take care of herself in a normal manner.

I held her head in my hands as her spirit melded back into the universe. The veterinarian and his assistant left the room, leaving me with my passed friend in an incredibly lonely silence. Shortly, I picked her up, took her home and buried her under a young Dogwood tree that I knew world absorb her gentle elements. Each year when it blooms, I see my Miami.

In 2004, I was living on St Croix in the Virgin Islands when I decided to build this site and dedicate it to Miami. I feel guilty that I bore some fault for Miami's demise. Maybe it was out of my hands... but I can't help wondering that if I'd only had the vet look at that scratch sooner, maybe we would still be together. Or at least her passing would have been more peaceful.

So, always with Miami's memory in mind, I urge anyone who shares their home with a pet to go that extra mile to learn the proper care for, and unique needs of your pet. Parting with a life friend is always difficult, but, can be eased knowing that you did your best to be a caring, knowledgeable and pro-active partner in a sometimes unfriendly world.

Alexander, who helps to host this site, is from of my literary imagination. But, I firmly believe the muse who whispers into my ear is... definitely of feline descent.

Robert J Gallegos

Founder of Cat Lover Gifts World


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