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"Excuse me... are you going to read that??"



Every good relationship involves communication. If you want to talk with your cat, you'll have to learn her language. When you speak cat-ese, the give and take of healthy relationships becomes self-evident with mutual acceptance and the reduction of problems in behavior



Ah so... where do you place the food bowl for perfect chi? How does one attain harmony and good fortune in the bathing area? This tongue in cheek study helps to find balance for you and your cat's life together


Thrown into an unforgiving, even brutal world of existence, feral cats still find a way to survive with strong family bonds and a playful approach to life. They have much to teach us





Cat books are good reading. Just ask a cat




Cat Books Will Take You on a Magical Journey
... a journey of learning and enlightenment. Keeping your cat healthy, happy and comfortable is a cat owners first concern and cat books are probably the best source of pertinent information. But modern literature, including cat books, comes in many different shapes, forms and media in today's high tech digital society. For traditionalists, settling into a good cat book on a snowy or rainy afternoon with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and lounging in a large overstuffed chair can be an inviting diversion from a hectic life. For the more tech savvy slipping a DVD into a DVD player may seem more cutting edge and contemporary for the topical trend setters.

Reading about cats, whether it is to better learn how to care for them properly, or to understand more deeply their unique personalities, requires an investment of your time and money.

Or, you might want to watch a video or DVD of "CATS", the great, long running Broadway play. You and a special someone... who happens to have four paws and ticklish whiskers.

What about listening to the tunes of 'cool cat' music while puttering around the house, watering the plants, cleaning the coffee table, or... changing the litter?
Whatever media you choose, cats can entertain, amuse, and give us companionship. You can learn a lot about them, too.


Alexander was Thinking About His Impending Trip to Africa
Many questions concerning his visit made Alexander curious. What should he expect when coming into contact with new cultures? What does Africa look like? Should he take a sweater, mosquito netting or hiking boots? What's the food like there?

"If I'm going to do all this traveling and wandering with my brother in Africa, I'd better brush up on my knowledge of where I'm going, and, what I'm getting into. What I need is a good cat book about Africa"

Looking at the tall bookcase, which reached almost all the way to the ceiling, he wondered which cat book would give him the information he needed for his impending journey. There was the stack of cat and kitten magazines which was much closer and convenient to get at. "I think I'll peruse these cat magazines first. Besides, they have great pictures."

Their are so many titles to choose from, like these:

  • Cats & Kittens
  • I Love Cats
  • Fanc-E-MewS

Alexander found many interesting articles, and some great pictures to look at. But, his curiosity was only peaked by the wealth of information inside these wonderful cat and kitten magazines.

"These cat magazines are very useful for keeping up with current events. Their articles can help one stay abreast of trends in care, product development and cat interest stories. But, I think I will check out that bookcase," he meowed, as his eyes widened at the prospect of the climb to the top of so many large and thick cat books.

On his way up he noted the shelves were filled with great cat book literature. He seemed to touch almost all the great cat book classics, such as:


But, there were some other cat book titles that caught his eye, as he made his way to a spot at the top of the bookcase that had caught his gaze many times. Titles such as:


As he started to climb again, he temporarily lost his footing. He had stepped on a stack of CD's of some contemporary jazz music that he had heard referred to as 'cool cat sounds'. But, one title puzzled him.

"I wonder what that is supposed to mean", he purred quizzically as he cocked his head to see the CD cover more clearly. Teaser and the Firecat by Cat Stevens.

"Do you think it's about a bully and a fire fighting cat?".

But, now he was getting a little weary from his tedious, vertical climb and he decided to move on to the top. Once there he saw what was obviously a very important document hidden where it could not be easily found. He knew it was important because he'd seen it stashed many times... when no one was looking. It was the

He wondered if he should read it. But, he decided, that wouldn't be very proper and he considered himself a proper cat. But, he was curious.

Then he saw it. A World Atlas laying open to a richly colored double page topographic map of Africa.

"Well, I think this is just what I was looking for. But, first I think I'll take a little cat nap before immersing myself in this large cat sized book. It's quite big and thick and will take a little time to get through".

With that, he laid himself squarely in the middle of the vast Serengeti Plain, put his head on his folded paws and fell fast asleep. In his dreams, he could hear the rumble of a herd of Gnu as they stampeded in front of his chase. He and his brother, out for a little run. Ahhh... the joy of a good cat book.

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Stuffed into the book return slot, on a cold winter night, at a small Iowa town library as a kitten, Dewey rose to his frost bitten feet to show what the meaning of courage and compassion really is


The New Encyclopedia of the Cat is a cat fanciers ultimate handbook to understanding the many aspects of cats. From history, anatomy and behavior to the role of the cat in folklore, superstition, literature and art, this book is a great gift for all cat lovers


The Cattitude Journal... keep memories close as you travel your path. All the while remembering the courage it takes to have a good life and not repeat the mistakes we are prone to make


Keep a box of tissues nearby when you read this Cat Lovers will bring tears of joy. Playful, hilarious and even courageous accounts of living with cats, celebrating the special bond we share with our feline friends

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