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Cat Galaxy - The only place on the radio dial for cat forums, internet radio & TV specifically for cats



Cat Forums... find a place to hear the latest news and chat about anything "cat"

Cat forums give cat lovers the opportunity to ask cat questions, discuss cat behavior problems, share stories, read and talk about current events in the cat world, and talk about cat management in general. Through cat forums, cat lovers can expand their knowledge base about cats by sharing information and real life experiences with each other.

Cat forums also offer the opportunity to talk about cat resources, such as which stores offer the best price bargains on cat related products. Or, who doesn't give the best service or live up to their word. Maybe you are looking for hard to find items. You can chat about the best newsletter or RSS feed.
Here are some examples of cat forum sites that we have found useful and interesting:

  • The Pets Forums - This is an excellent example of what a forum should be. Clean and focused on the subject you are looking for. In this case, everything about cats.
  • - Another site that is very popular with cat lovers.
  • Alley Cat Allies - If a homeless cat or kitten comes to your door, this site will help you to adjust to your new adoption.
  • British Big Cats - Did you know that BIG cats still roam the British Isles? Here you can learn how the Brits are protecting their cat heritage.
  • Cat Galaxy - Well finally!! A radio station just for cats. Your cat will be up on all the cat news and can listen to music played just for her.
  • Cats at National Geographic - These people always have some interesting things to say. Their forum is not running now, but, the information about cat behavior and physiology on their site is fascinating.
  • Open Directory - The open directory (dmoz) has a large listing of cat forums. Since the sites here are reviewed by live people with an interest in their subjects, there's a good chance that these sites are well researched.

"Further," adds Alexander, "spamming, rude behavior and posting of commercial promotions is not tolerated on these forums" . Dryly sniffing, he continues, "The cat news & forums, such as those described above are for genuine learning and sharing of cat news and discussion. Forums are not meant for un cat-like behavior. We may have our moments of disagreement,,, but, we disagree with tact and good taste. Good cat decorum is always observed. So, if you must use bad language or display poor manners... keep it offline, please, because kittens and children also read these posts".
Thank you, Alexander, for pointing that out. Not observing the rules of the forums can get you banned from them. Since you don't see the people you are talking with, good manners are even more important for the exchange of relevant information.

There is a world of information to be had at these forums, and any questions you have will find ready insights by people who have as avid an interest in cats as you do. So, jump right in and talk away.

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