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When it comes to discriminating kitty furniture, every kitten wants privacy for her litter box. Unquestionably, the litter box is the one component of cat ownership that creates the most controversy. Properly trained cats combine it's use to you not having to worry about letting the cat out all the time, with the trade off being you have to maintain it on a regular basis. Fortunately, the litter box doesn't have to be an unsightly furnishing, while giving your cat privacy





The smartest cat furnishings is simply a place for your cat to scratch. A good post covered in a material that encourages scratching plus a little training... it'll make all the difference in the world





Cats Love Cat Furniture


Your Kitty Furniture has Two Important Functions
Cat furniture is one of the most important gifts you can give to your cat. It's important because cat furniture plays two vital roles related to the overall health of your kitty.

  • First, cat furnishings provides cat friendly entertainment for cats to play. The benefit of this is that your kittens will be less tempted to use the people furniture in your home for their natural antics of climbing and hiding, or leaping to bring down those unsuspecting shoes sitting in the corner.
  • Secondly, when used as a gym, these designs provide an environment for your cat's muscular development and maintenance so important for overall cat health.

These feline furniture functions are especially important for cats that are confined to the indoors, as urban kittens tend to be. The photo-op of a cat sitting on a window ledge watching the world go by may be hard to pass up, but if she doesn't get any more exercise than that, your kitten's health is at risk.


Cat Furniture is Healthy
Cats need lots of good exercise to keep their muscles in top shape and to ward off disease as well as other cat maladies. The unique furniture designs for cats today gives a healthy alternative to the 50 foot trees or canine evading tactics that the great outdoors generally offers for cats. I personally believe that a good romp outside is good for any cats psyche. If you live in a place that is relatively safe for your cat, i.e. away from street traffic, natural enemies, etc., then the outdoor air would be good for her. If you live in an apartment or home in the city, though, roaming outside may not be a good option. Providing her with cat oriented furniture that allows her to jump, climb and reach heights to perch is the best thing you can do for your cat's health, both physically and emotionally.


Why do Cat's Scratch?
Cat scratching is a natural instinct for your cat. Unfortunately, any piece of furniture in your home is fair game for your cats scratching needs. You will not be able to stop your kitten from scratching because it is so instinctual.
Scratching is a way for your cat to mark her territory. There are glands in her paws that leave her scent for others to notice when they enter into her realm.
Scratching also is a way for her to stretch her muscles and front quarters, which in turn makes her feel good. Just like you do when rising from bed in the morning. A good stretch just makes the day start on the right foot.
It's a way for her to remove the dead outer layers of her claws.
It's also a way for her to work off excess energy. Especially if she is confined to the indoors and doesn't have any cat furniture to scale.
But, whatever you do... DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER DE-CLAWING HER. De-clawing is an irreversible maiming of your cat. It leaves her defenseless and since it entails the removal of the last toe digits on her feet, it throws her out of balance when she walks. You know how important balance is to any cat. She can even forget about climbing. Don't de-claw. It is one of the worse things you can do to your kitten.


Punish Your Cat?... Fa-getta-bou-it!
You can forget about punishing your cat. Cat's don't understand punishment and don't respond to it either. If either of the above are part of your relationship with your cat, you and she are in for a long, miserable life together. Which probably won't be very "long", but, it definitely will be "miserable". There is a successful method for training a cat. The thought of cat training might seem counter-intuitive, but with patience and perseverance, it's possible. You just have to remember to be smarter than the cat. Once again, you will have to use the ole' noggin'. Certainly, though, the resulting relationship with your cat can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences one can have.


Good Cat Furniture Design
Good kitty furniture design takes into consideration a cat's natural instincts for climbing, scratching and safety. I'm not sure where cats got into the habit to climbing up to the highest perch in their domain. Maybe they discovered that from such heights they could locate where their favorite prey was hanging out. Add to this that these lofty heights also afforded a good measure of safety away from her predators, too. Only one access to their nest needed to be defended, and, not many others are able to make the climb. Wherever those instinctual habits came from I'm certain they are based in antiquity, but it is necessary to incorporate them into your cats furniture design to be successful in satisfying today's domestic cat instincts.
The most successful scratch posts are those covered with rope or sisal. The uneven surface and soft but resistant materials allow her to sink her claws into the material giving her something to hold on to while she stretches her forequarters.

Cats, like most animals have an uncanny ability to know when something is not safe, i.e. a weak bridge that won't hold their weight. So cat furniture needs to be sturdy and able to stand up to their leaping and climbing, sometimes at dizzying speeds. Unfortunately, good cat furniture is going to look a little bulky. Light metals won't suffice because she will think them unsafe and, of course, wood and carpet are much more attractive for her claws. But, that doesn't mean that cat furniture can't look stylish. I'm still looking for some interior designers that can blend good cat furniture design with good taste. Of course, that's not a good reason for not providing quality cat furniture. The furniture you can replace. You're cat is a lot more special.


Cat Proof Your Home
"Cat Proofing" your home, that is, providing well thought out cat furniture, along with some judicious training, are the best alternatives to either de-clawing or punishing your cat. Cat proofing with cat furniture is also beneficial for the cat's physical health and for practicing her unique agility abilities. Keeps her on her toes, so to speak. Providing cat furniture, cat gyms, and scratching posts that offer hiding places, climbing challenges and the opportunity for cat play will go a lot farther than de-clawing or corporal punishment. Besides, it can be a lot of fun for you too, as you watch your cats and kittens play, climb and be the amazing animal that they are. Most importantly, they will love you for caring about them. Besides, cat furniture offers a no better conversation piece for guests coming to visit you and your cat's home.

One of the more interesting and, I think appreciated cat furniture innovations is the development of litter box cabinets. They are a great way to hide the unsightly cat litter box and give your cat a little privacy which she'll appreciate. Still, they will need cleaning from time to time to prevent the growth of bacteria which thrive in enclosed unsanitary environments. The commercial cabinets are made so that cleaning them is easy and they usually have drawers or shelves to keep cleaning materials handy in addition to extra litter. Keeping everything centralized in one location encourages proper litter box cleaning and makes cabinet maintenance easy.

Speaking of litter boxes, there are a number of self-cleaning models available now that seek to reduce the toil associated with litter box cleaning and maintenance. Now all you have to do is train kitty to iconflush after she iconuses it (just kidding).

All self-cleaning litter boxes aren't this elaborate, but the advent of these devices are a welcome development, making the unpleasant chore of cleaning your cat's "rest room" less discouraging for people. Click to see other Self Cleaning Litter Boxes. icon

While you're at it... don't forget to consider her bed, food & water bowls as cat furniture. Then she'll really feel at home.

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Climbing, scratching, stretching... these are the things a cat needs to do in order to keep her happy and healthy

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