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"Excuse me... don't you think a necklace and earrings would look nice on us??"





Cats and birds, they just go together. "Green Wing Macaw" comes as either Earrings, Clip Earrings or as a Pendant on a Chain


Show off your own unique style with "Glamour Puss" Earrings, Pin or Pendant on a Chain






Cat Jewelry That's Elegant and Casual

Cat jewelry from Zarah is where you'll find elegant, casual jewelry with a whimsical, fun touch that celebrates the irony and splendor of the natural world. Cat jewelry as a gift for a cat lover is something that is always appreciated.

Wherever you find yourself going; whether it's to the theater, a night on the town of dining and dancing, or the opera. Maybe a fine art showing, or a tour of the museum... stopping at the "Cats of the World" exhibit, of course. Could it be a shopping trip to your favorite department store or a gathering of friends for an afternoon get-together? You know that where you go will determine how you dress. As a cat lover you're always in style with Zarah Jewelry such as cat earrings or a kitten brooch to complement your outfit.

Jewelry is designed not just for decoration, but to enhance one's personal image by making a fashion statement. As the world moves towards a greater appreciation of nature and our environment, you can make a case for your own desire for a greener society. Zarah Jewelry captures the nuances of the natural world of plants & animals, the oceans and all creatures that fly.

The Collections
There are five separate lines of diverse styles created by established contemporary artists, each of whom has a distinct vision:

Enamel on Sterling Silver - Each piece of sterling silver jewelry is painted by hand using solutions containing colored granules of glass. Then they fire the pieces in a kiln producing an alluring richness of color. Some designs are then plated in 24-karat gold.

ArtGlass - ArtGlass sterling silver jewelry is made possible by applying leading-edge digital image processing and fine silversmithing to the artist's image. Showcased in beveled glass, the artwork is depicted in detail with brilliant and accurate color rendition. All ArtGlass jewelry is reversible. You can show either of two different images, one on each side. To reverse an earring design, simply slip the earring off its ear wire, flip it around, and slide it back on.

Shell Art - Shell jewelry is a confluence of the awesome grandeur of nature and the enchanting creations of talented artists. Images are engraved onto natural shell, forming a masterpiece with subtleties in color and texture that only nature can provide. Nuances in appearance respond to shifts in viewing angles and illumination. The frame is crafted in sterling silver. As with all things natural, no two are ever identical.

Vinyl Cut - Turn heads and captivate admirers with bold graphics and a fusion of innovative materials. Color and texture come alive with phthalate-free vinyl. Encased in highly-polished stainless steel, the combination is unique and fashion-forward. The result is wearable art that's multi-dimensional. It speaks to your modern aesthetic.

Keepsake Boxes - Master craftspeople translate artist's designs into exquisite objets d'art with mouth-blown glass, hand-painted enamel, and trimming of gold or silver plate.

About Our Jewelry:
Cat Lover Gifts World's jewelry store is Top Cat Top Cat Jewelry features casually elegant and fun jewelry from Zarah. The artists who design for Zarah are educated, highly experienced people who have excelled in many art media styles. They have a passion for uniqueness and a subtle appreciation for the irony of their subjects. Yet, the quality of this jewelry is unquestionable and undeniable.To obtain technical excellence, master artisans expert in the old-world craft of enameling translate the artists designs into distinctive pieces of jewelry.

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Shell Art "Koi Fish" by Joyce Bond Backus



ArtGlass "Japanese Scrolls"



Enamel on Sterling Silver "Horse Lovers" byTeresa Starkweather



Vinyl Cut "Flower Vine" by Joyce Bond Backus

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Top Cat Jewelry

Top Cat Jewelry Sensational cat jewelry for people 


"Looking Back", a classic pin by Donna Boiman from Top Cat Jewelry


Shimmering "Crystal Cat" earrings by Teresa Stareweather


"Round Cat" by Teresa Starkweather can be worn as earrings, a pin or clip earrings



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