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What goes into Cat Names... ??

There are many ways to name a cat. The circumstances which brought you and her together can offer possibilities. Her size and stature might give a hint to her natural 'nom de plume'. The personality characteristics of your new kitten are often a clue to her true 'calling'. Maybe she reminds you of some famous personalities you have seen or know of. Whatever she decides to call herself, you know that it'll be right... and she will definitely 'live up to her name'.

  • Here are a few hints to choosing a name for your new kitty:
    Make a short-list of preferred names.
  • Keep cat names simple and concise. You'll want to be able to get her attention without having to use too many syllables.
  • Choose a name that is easily recognized.
  • A good cat name will reflect her personality traits. You should observe her for a while before selecting a name. Get to know her.
  • When you have made a list, try each out for a couple of days. Keep the one that feels the most natural for both of you.
  • Adopted pets usually come with a name and you should keep it. She is already used to it and trying to change it will only confuse her.

Cats respond to different intonations and animated sounds in your voice. A name that you can sing-song with will be responded to better than a name that is atonal or flat in delivery. I've tried this on cats that I've had with me in the past. I would flatly, in a monotone voice call her name. She would stop and look at me, but then she would just stare at me, waiting for a clue as to why I spoke her name. Once I put some inflection and animation in my voice, she would come to me and show affection. Sometimes she would look at me and seem to ask, "What's your problem. You call me and then show no emotion".

There are books that can help you to choose a cat name from. A couple are listed on this page (lower right). To me the sheer volume of names in these lists leave me feeling a bit 'run over'. There are so many names to choose from you could find yourself trying to find a name and then fitting your cat to it. It helps to remember that the suggestions in these books should only be a stimulus for coming up with a name that fits your cat.

In the final selection of a name for your cat, you will want a cat name that adequately defines your cat's personality and traits. In other words, she will tell you what her name should be. You just have to be patient until she lets you know what her proper name is.

While you're waiting for your kitty's personality to come forth, pick up this book: "5001 Names for Cats". This humorous approach to naming will lighten the stress of coming up with a cat name. In the meantime it's o.k. to call her "kitty, kitty, kitty". There's really no rush... she'll have her name for a long time. You'll want to get it right.

Our muse, Alexander, has some strong views about his name.

"Many have asked how I became know as 'Alexander'", our astute Abyssinian notes. "Well, I think the name fits quite well. Alexander has been the name of 8 Popes, 3 Russian Emperors, 1 King of Serbia, and of course, Alexander III of Macedon, better known as Alexander the Great. All were great leaders in times of crisis".

"And, I do prefer the charm and sophistication of the iced cocktail made with crème de cacao, sweet cream, and brandy, widely known as a Brandy Alexander".

"In the end, though, I think the name implies a certain panache... a kind of dash and flamboyance in style and action that I like to exhibit. It describes me! Besides, it's far better than what they named my brother in Africa... 'ole Gnu breath', better known as Scruffy".

"Ling-Ling, my Siberian friend down the street. She seems to like my cat name, too... that's really important!".

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So, what Cat Name would you give to your pet Bobcat?

Well, I would listen verrry close to what she says!!


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