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For Successful Pet Dating, Take Up a Specialty... Like Nora


When someone catches your eye and you want to make, what you hope, will be an attractive and lasting impression on them, you should've already been practicing a discipline or hobby that demonstrates how well you can commit yourself to the concept of accomplishment. Choosing to do something well enhances your image as an individual and acknowledges yourself as a person of worth. Nora shows just how talented she is as an accomplished piano playing cat. Now, if she could post her profile on a pet dating site, she would have something unique to say about herself... that of being a maestro kitty. Any musically inclined guy cats, either singers or instrumentalist, would be drawn to her because of a common interest in music. A thread bringing two cool cats of similar interests together.

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats" - Albert Schweitzer

Is there a pet dating service in your future? For many cat lovers, the company of their cat is enough to keep them quite happy, thank you. But, for others it's sometimes nice to get out and socialize with another human, from time to time. Finding a pet dating service to locate a like minded partner is a reasonable alternative to the usual places to meet others.

Some Pet Dating Statistix
According the recent U.S. Census data, the most common living arrangement in this country is the single-person family unit. This is a trend that has been happening for the last 20 years. Harvard professor Robert Putnam, in his book "Bowling Alone" has defined this long-term trend as an erosion of "social capital". Putnam has observed the fact that although over the past twenty years bowling league memberships have declined spectacularly, the number of people who bowl has grown exponentially at the same time. There seems to be a lot more people bowling... alone.

In the 1970's social organizations with regular meetings were attended by two thirds of Americans. By the mid 90's that number had been cut in half to one-third... and it's still falling.

Today people seem to actually prefer interacting socially through 'technological buffer zones'. One of the most striking examples of this is the way many people today chat online and use text messaging instead of dialing and talking on the old-fashioned telephone. It's almost as though we are going out of our way to avoid intimacy as a society. On a personal level, though, I don't think it's the dark, negative trend as might be thought. We're probably just learning how to relate with each other using the new media's that seem to evolve faster than asking "what's your sign?". Where I think any social break-down is occurring is in the home and local neighborhoods where we raise our children. If children aren't taught to have healthy, respectful, give-and-take relationships with their friends and neighbors in their formidable young years, they're going to find it difficult to get along with others when they're grown. But, that's another subject.

There's no question that online dating services are one of the fastest growing Web site industries. According to Dating Site

Putting the statistical mumble-jumble aside, It all adds up to a lot of people looking for companionship on the Internet. If you Google 'personals' you will get a return of over 68 million results for your search. Of course, any one person surfing any one of those sites is really only looking for one "Mr or Ms Right". The large, mega-sites are well established and the negative stigma of dating online has overcome any social raised eyebrows. As online personals sites have proliferated, the personals market has opened itself to niche sites that cater to specific interests that range anywhere from 'Raw Food Vegans, 'Horse Trainers, 'Divorced Redheads' to, well... 'People Who Love Cats'. People looking for partners who will respect the relationship they have with their cat, and, ideally, who have cats themselves. Cat lovers have not shown a great enough demand to warrant any 'personals' site development for cat lovers looking for romance. But, there is a big market niche for people with pets to spurn an increasing number of pet dating sites.


Picky, Picky...
In a pre-online world, meeting someone special was characterized through the "chance of meeting". Social gatherings, the grocery store aisles, even the county library all held the potential for striking up a conversation with someone who might change your life. The world was a little slower and the "shock and awe" personality that says "look at me" was frowned on. People weren't embedded in an pod or walking around with a cell phone growth where once grew an ear. When I was in college I studied philosophy and the impact that the computer would have on society. One of the phenomena predicted was that because information would move so fast, it would be difficult for people to keep up. In the process people would lose some of the personal, social and consequently human (or rather humanistic) characteristics we took for granted then.

It turns out that prediction was only partially accurate. People do have to race to keep up with the speed that information travels, business models being one example as they constantly outpace each other with one innovation after another trying to stay ahead in the business game. But, people are still people, and want pretty much the same they've always wanted. To be recognized for their uniqueness, contributions to their careers, their hard work. They also want to be compensated for their efforts and, in this country at least, they want the material trophies that indicate their status as a successful member of society (automobiles, houses, etc.). Surrounded with so much electronic paraphernalia, though, tends to isolate us from each other. Being immersed in it leaves no choice but to use it to the best of our ability. Sure, we communicate much faster and easier with cell phones, instant messaging, web cams, etc. But, none of that can match the nervous fear of talking to someone face to face. When you can see the glint in their eyes and feel the sweat bead rolling down your back. Eye to eye contact incorporates all the senses and evaluation of another person is made on a deeper level than strictly with the image that they project.

Being isolated in a virtual world, it's easy to think one can predict what would make them happy. That they can design a perfect partner by answering a questionnaire online. Of course, reality strikes when a meeting is arranged, and the person who was only a few lines of emerging font now has a face, shape, and voice. Whoa, the knees are going weak!

The point here is, one shouldn't be to picky when pet dating online. Being picky will come naturally enough when couples meet face to face. But, while you are doing your search through a pet dating service, keep your mind, eyes and consequently your options, wide and open. The biggest advantage to online pet dating is that you can narrow your search to those who like animals. And, that's about it. After that you still have to get down to the discovery of matching personalities, exposing short-comings, and just plain being vulnerable to the critique and optimistic expectations of others. If you only want redheads who run marathons and like cats, but not rabbits... the only thing you will be doing is limiting your resources. Your true love may own a yoga mat and keeps goats for making Feta cheese. Keep your options open and don't be deluded into thinking that by answering a few predictable questions (or by reading some marketing hype) you can meet your perfect mate. She may not be the one you idealize. He may be completely the opposite of your dreams. But, they definitely will be unique for you.


Of Course, They'll Have to Like Your Cat
Some things are given for successful pet dating. And it will start with your cat.

Before starting a new dating relationship, it's just as important that your pet dating partner learns as much about your cat, that they will come to know about you. They'll have to accept your cat as an important part of your life which should be easy if they are a cat lover themselves. Pet dating services enable people to make contact with others of similar pet dating interests. The hoped for result is that people who share at least one common interest will naturally share other interests and find some compatibility with each other. In the bigger more established matchmaker sites there is a large data base from which people can select and meet others. But, finding specific common interests is much more difficult. These larger sites usually provide searches in areas of general interest. Niche pet dating services offer searches done amongst individuals who share one basic, important concern. That's the love of pets... animals in general... and cats in particular.

Cat Lover Gifts World will soon have our own service for pet lovers who are looking for dating and match-making opportunities with others who love their pets... or would like to:



This will be the chance to meet other pet lovers who share similar interests, especially when it comes to pets. Our site will have a large data base and will be a great resource for those who are techno savvy, like to keep up with the trends, prefer to shop online, or are just plain shy. Besides, taking your pet into a bar if you want to meet someone who has pet dating interests also, isn't really feasible.

Welll... maybe it is for cat lovers.

I can hear it now... "Say, can I buy you and Fluffy a drink & a sardine sandwich?"


What Does Alexander Think?
Alexander, our suave Abyssinian street wise cat is a big fan of pet dating services. After all, that is how he met the cat love of his life. Ling-Ling, a stunning Siberian who moved with her family of two young girls into a home that is only a few houses down the street. Trouble is, he didn't know she was a neighbor until he decided to do a little pet lover dating search online after being left home to entertain himself once too often. And once is often enough, for Alexander!

"Well... ", Alexander sniffed to himself, "I do believe these long nights being a couch potato isn't a very healthy habit to get into".

Remembering the wild rambling days of his youth and the gadding around the Serengeti Plain that is typical of his brother's trysts in Africa, Alexander thought that it was time and in his best interest to acquire a little more social respectfulness. After all, there must be plenty of cats out there with owners who are anxious to meet someone who shares their love for cats.

"I've always tried to dignify the lady of my house with respect for any potential suitor she'd introduce me to... as long as he passed my inspection, of course", Alexander huffed.

"Meeting Ling-Ling was the best event of my life. If my brother could get cleaned up, tone down his roar and brush his teeth... who knows. He might give up running after Gnu in favor of a more gentle chase."

"He might even develop a taste for Feta cheese".

A pet dating service might find Alexander's brother a bit of a challenge. But, his obvious elegant stature, assured self-confidence, animal magnetism and worldly experience just might be in his favor.

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